Thursday, January 8, 2009

Law of Attraction and Intention

Here is a story about LoA in action from earlier today.

I have been working with a client to get her into residential tx. The program that I was referring her to was not on her insurance panel. She asked me to step in as an advocate and speak with the insurance agency. If you have ever dealt with insurance companies, you would know that they do not like to spend money. Asking them to pay in-network benefits to an out of network agency was highly unlikely.

Before I called, I set a positive intention that I was going to make it work for this client. I spoke to the ins rep for quite some time and she needed to review it with their physician. She warned me ahead of time that the answer most likely would be "no way."

She called back 15 minutes later saying they would not make the exception. I called the client and we looked at options.

Here is where LoA comes in. Four hours later I get a call from the ins. rep. Apparently this residential program will be in-network with the ins company next month. Therefore, they are going to make an exception with my client. Well, I did a happy dance listening to that voicemail. I called my client to tell her the good news and she is now making the arrangements to go to the program that she originally felt was best suited for her needs.

Take care.

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