Monday, January 12, 2009

Humor and EFT

I actually have a firm belief that my life is a comedy. I am not saying that to minimize what I do and how I work. What I feel is that there is two sides, or more, in everything. I can look at what is going on in my life from a place of lack or a place of strength and abundance.

I try to bring that into my work. Even when tapping with clients on issues, I try to look for parallels and see a way that I can bring humor into it. If you are really interested in using humor with EFT, David Lake and Steve Wells are excellent resources. Humor and laughing help to release energy that supports change. It takes something that is very serious and brings some lightness to it. Think about it, how often have you felt that something was a crisis and then looking back on it you were able to see it wasn't a crises at all.

In my group this week, one of the participants had her mother die that day. I felt honored that she chose to attend the group session for emotional support. Although there were tears in the group session, there was also a lot of laughter. She left feeling much better than when she walked in the door. I spoke with her the next day and she appeared to be handling her grief far better than expected due to the work that was done in a safe and trusting space. feel that humor has an important place in counseling, as well as all of life, when used appropriately and with respect.

LoA encourages you to always find the positive in every situation.

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