Monday, January 12, 2009

EFT TapFest 2009 - Rampage of Appreciation Party

"We are having a "Rampage of Appreciation" PARTY! Come join us for a massive group tapping that is occurring all over the world we celebrate everything that is GOOD about life on planet earth and express our appreciation for our lives...and by focusing on what makes us happy, we add to it and thereby INCREASE our good! This is a special day to usher in a new era of joy, hope, peace and health with the empowering energy of Emotional Freedom Techniques.

EFT Tappers all over the world will simultaneously tap at noon in their respective time zones in what is surely the world's biggest borrowing benefits session!

Envision the worldwide TapFest 2009 as a chain reaction, sending a wave of positive energy for change throughout the world.

Imagine how powerful it will be with thousands of practitioners and EFT users from around the world participating.

You are invited to take part in this energy chain by joining in this TapFest of BLESSINGS."

• 100% focused on seeing the beauty and blessings in all of us and all around us
• CELEBRATION of our self-empowerment (we can all have what we want, and we each play a part in bringing it about) AND we ARE all brining it about right now.
• It's easy & fun when we all work together
• FUN, Light and PLAYFUL - APPRECIATION, LOVE & Blessings
• Reveling & celebrating the awesome "vibrational escrow" that is now unfolding
• BEING in the feeling state of a BLESSED world and humanity already existing
• Tapping for all the wonderful things we appreciate about life on earth to increase our awareness of the blessings and to increase them.
• Celebration of the world transformation that is happening now

Come join us for a EFT TapFest PARTY on Jan 20th from 12—1:30 pm PST
Everyone is welcome!
Eleanore Duyndam, Host of EFT Class on BlogTalkRadio and Loren Fogelman, Co-Host for today’s EFT TapFest. EFT practitioners from all over the world will be leading us in some positive tapping and blessings to usher in this new era of peace and love.

During the call in you will be able to give your name and URL. Let us know the topic of your blessing.

During your time on the call you will be able to lead 1-3 rounds of blessing tapping.

We are excited to have this call open to as many people as possible that want to event.

If you know that you want to participate on the call offering blessings please RSVP ahead of time. Send your RSVP to

What we need from you in your RSVP:

• Email address
• Name & URL
• Phone number you will be calling from (must be a landline using headset or handset – no speaker phones or cell phones)
• Topic of blessing to be announced i.e. gratitude, peace, health, world blessing, etc.
• Have prepared tapping statements to lead 1-3 rounds of blessings (depending on time limits)
• Approx. time that you would like to call in
• Focus is on POSITIVE tapping statements

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