Thursday, January 22, 2009

Distractions That Get in the Way of Progress and Abundance

One of the commonalties we share is that once we achieve our goal, we then come up with a new desire. That is part of being human. We see it in children all the time. They bother you to get them a new toy. They really, really, really need it. You finally get it for them. The excitement is there. After awhile, however, they begin to focus on the next new thing that they need. How often have you seen that happen? Children have an amazing ability to get what they want. They are using the Law of Attraction all the time. It comes so easily to them.

As adults, we have different truths and realize that it is not that easy. Life is more complex. Putting your own desires and goals aside happens when you get busy taking care of others. There are so many demands that get placed on us as adults and there is never enough time to do everything. In order to juggle all of our responsibilities, something needs to be placed on the back burner. You forget what it is that you want for yourself or what your aspirations are. What happened to the dreams and ideals you had when you first started a career?

Defining a goal or a dream is the easy part. We all have the ability to dream. That is using the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams. The challenge is that little voice that tells you there is a price to pay if you reach your goal. That is what I have begun to term the “yes, but…” syndrome. What is the downside of reaching your goal or peak potential? What keeps you from tapping into success and stimulating your personal economy?

Once you have begun to identify the doubt and negative thoughts you can begin to clear them. Some of the conflicts that come up include:
•Being successful will take away time from family and friends.
•If you are successful, you will have to work harder.
•You don’t deserve to succeed because of something you did earlier in your life.
•You are afraid that you will not be loved or would be rejected if you were successful.

Becoming aware of the doubt and internal conflict is the first step to making change. You don’t have to have them. I know. I had to get over my fear of public speaking and have my first presentation ready in four months. Thoughts can change. Tony Robbins states that “80% of success is psychology and 20% is inner conflicts.”

Now that you have recognized your doubting voice and “yes, buts…” you can begin to clear them. Identify them. Who did you hear this from before? Is this actually your concern or is it someone else’s concern that you heard repeatedly and actually internalized as your own

The Law of Attraction and the Emotional Freedom Technique are the perfect couple. LoA helps you to create your goal and EFT does the clean up work of removing the debris that gets in the way of reaching your goal. Using them will help you to tap into your success and to stimulate your personal economy. This will help you to raise your vibration and increase the success of getting what you want. They make a powerful combination.

If you are not familiar with the Emotional Freedom Technique go to this article on my website at

Pick a “yes, but…” that you have as a block to your goal. We will tap for it.

Setup: "Even though I have doubts about my goals and what would change in my life if I reached my goal, I want to choose success."
"Even though a part of me is comfortable with where I am although I would rather be somewhere else, I choose to feel calm and confident about my ability to reach my goal."
"Even though a part of me is afraid to let go of my doubts and worry, I accept who I am and how I feel."
***Now for the phrases that focus on the problem***
Eyebrow: "I am used to doubting my abilities."
Side of Eye: "I'm afraid to change because I have become comfortable with where I am."
Under Eye: "What if I started focusing on my goal?"
Nose: "I am great at making excuses for staying where I am, what if I could change?"
Chin: "I don't feel safe about the unknown if I began to change."
Collarbone: "A part of me is afraid to change."
Under Arm: "I'm afraid to let this “yes, but…” go."
Head: "I'm willing to change my focus and frequency."
***Now for the positive focus on the solution***
Eyebrow: "I want to feel excited about this goal."
Side of Eye: "I choose to change my focus right now."
Under Eye: "I choose to release my doubts and worry."
Nose: "I appreciate how good thinking about my goal makes me feel."
Chin: "I am willing to change my thoughts and focus."
Collarbone: "I can be positive as I begin to focus on my goal."
Under Arm: "I appreciate feeling inspired to choose a goal."
Head: "I feel inspired to choose a new direction to move in."
Take a deep breath.

Continue to tap for each negative thought that keeps you from reaching your goal. You will begin to feel a change in your energy as you tap into success and stimulate your personal economy.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

"The Power of Surrogate EFT"

"The Power of Surrogate EFT"

We all know about the fact that where we focus our intention, we see growth.
It is our mission, as EFT practitioners, to be a channel for relief for our clients.

As sure as we are of that fact, we can be sure that focused intent and coordinated surrogate tapping for a 3rd person does wonders and bring them much needed relief.

For a second imagine if 20.000 of us got together and did so.

Our planet is in desperate need of a shifting in energy. is the place to meet for such a coordinated event.

The focused intent of ALL of us.

The beginning Date, Jan 20th 2009, a date where we will be a part of the Change ! I for one, can no longer stand to see the images that flow on the news, just turning it off does not make it go away. We were meant to reach out and help.

EFT is our way, and perseverance is our strength.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." Helen Keller

Please raise your hand and say out loud to the universe "COUNT ME IN" join to increase the energy as you will see that you are not alone.

See you there,
many blessings to you!
Till Schilling

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Invitation to Gary Craig for TapFest 2009

Dear Gary,

As you say, we are on the ground floor of the healing high rise. The Emotional Freedom Technique is traditionally used to release the negative emotions in order to create positive change. As EFT has taken hold in the global community, people have experimented and found unique ways to apply EFT. The focus on positive change serves a purpose for all of us.

I think it would be beneficial for the EFT global community to know about the EFT TapFest 2009. It was inspired by a group of like minded individuals that wanted to acknowledge the presidential change and celebrate the inauguration.
At each time zone throughout the global community, there will be “tapping” events where you can participate in the celebration of change. EFT Tappers all over the world will simultaneously tap at noon in their respective time zones in what is surely to be the world's biggest borrowing benefits session! Some events are local and others are global. Envision the worldwide TapFest 2009 as a chain reaction, sending a wave of positive energy for change throughout the world. For more information about the events that are being hosted visit

Imagine how powerful it will be with thousands of practitioners and EFT users from around the world participating. I have been asked to co-host this event with Eleanore Duyndam, Host of EFT Class online at from 12-1:30pm PST.

The "Rampage of Appreciation" PARTY! invites you to join us for a massive group tapping that is occurring all over the world we celebrate everything that is GOOD about life on planet earth and express our appreciation for our lives...and by focusing on what makes us happy, we add to it and thereby INCREASE our good! This is a special day to usher in a new era of joy, hope, peace and health with the empowering energy of Emotional Freedom Techniques.

We are extending an opportunity for other EFT Practitioners to participate in this call and lead a round of tapping for blessings. If you are interested contact me at

Gary, thank you for being the mastermind behind EFT and creating the opportunity of abundance and appreciation. It has been life changing for me to be part of the EFT community.

Take care,
Loren Fogelman

Monday, January 12, 2009

EFT TapFest 2009 - Rampage of Appreciation Party

"We are having a "Rampage of Appreciation" PARTY! Come join us for a massive group tapping that is occurring all over the world we celebrate everything that is GOOD about life on planet earth and express our appreciation for our lives...and by focusing on what makes us happy, we add to it and thereby INCREASE our good! This is a special day to usher in a new era of joy, hope, peace and health with the empowering energy of Emotional Freedom Techniques.

EFT Tappers all over the world will simultaneously tap at noon in their respective time zones in what is surely the world's biggest borrowing benefits session!

Envision the worldwide TapFest 2009 as a chain reaction, sending a wave of positive energy for change throughout the world.

Imagine how powerful it will be with thousands of practitioners and EFT users from around the world participating.

You are invited to take part in this energy chain by joining in this TapFest of BLESSINGS."

• 100% focused on seeing the beauty and blessings in all of us and all around us
• CELEBRATION of our self-empowerment (we can all have what we want, and we each play a part in bringing it about) AND we ARE all brining it about right now.
• It's easy & fun when we all work together
• FUN, Light and PLAYFUL - APPRECIATION, LOVE & Blessings
• Reveling & celebrating the awesome "vibrational escrow" that is now unfolding
• BEING in the feeling state of a BLESSED world and humanity already existing
• Tapping for all the wonderful things we appreciate about life on earth to increase our awareness of the blessings and to increase them.
• Celebration of the world transformation that is happening now

Come join us for a EFT TapFest PARTY on Jan 20th from 12—1:30 pm PST
Everyone is welcome!
Eleanore Duyndam, Host of EFT Class on BlogTalkRadio and Loren Fogelman, Co-Host for today’s EFT TapFest. EFT practitioners from all over the world will be leading us in some positive tapping and blessings to usher in this new era of peace and love.

During the call in you will be able to give your name and URL. Let us know the topic of your blessing.

During your time on the call you will be able to lead 1-3 rounds of blessing tapping.

We are excited to have this call open to as many people as possible that want to event.

If you know that you want to participate on the call offering blessings please RSVP ahead of time. Send your RSVP to

What we need from you in your RSVP:

• Email address
• Name & URL
• Phone number you will be calling from (must be a landline using headset or handset – no speaker phones or cell phones)
• Topic of blessing to be announced i.e. gratitude, peace, health, world blessing, etc.
• Have prepared tapping statements to lead 1-3 rounds of blessings (depending on time limits)
• Approx. time that you would like to call in
• Focus is on POSITIVE tapping statements

Humor and EFT

I actually have a firm belief that my life is a comedy. I am not saying that to minimize what I do and how I work. What I feel is that there is two sides, or more, in everything. I can look at what is going on in my life from a place of lack or a place of strength and abundance.

I try to bring that into my work. Even when tapping with clients on issues, I try to look for parallels and see a way that I can bring humor into it. If you are really interested in using humor with EFT, David Lake and Steve Wells are excellent resources. Humor and laughing help to release energy that supports change. It takes something that is very serious and brings some lightness to it. Think about it, how often have you felt that something was a crisis and then looking back on it you were able to see it wasn't a crises at all.

In my group this week, one of the participants had her mother die that day. I felt honored that she chose to attend the group session for emotional support. Although there were tears in the group session, there was also a lot of laughter. She left feeling much better than when she walked in the door. I spoke with her the next day and she appeared to be handling her grief far better than expected due to the work that was done in a safe and trusting space. feel that humor has an important place in counseling, as well as all of life, when used appropriately and with respect.

LoA encourages you to always find the positive in every situation.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Power of EFT and LoA Combined

Being part of a mastermind group is similar to being in a therapy group. Part of what happens is that you might think that you were the only one. All of a sudden someone else is talking about something and you can relate so deeply to what is being said. As a result a connection is developed between you and that other person that was not there before. In addition, what you had experienced becomes validated.

I have been using EFT with reframes for quite some time. During the past several months I have begun to bring LOA into the picture. As a result the way that I use reframes has changed. Combining EFT with LOA has helped to strengthen the mind, body and soul connection. Since I specialize with individuals that have addictions, being able to have increased emotional awareness is crucial to progress and sobriety. With this combination I am able to easily increase their emotional awareness, focus on positive reframes and to become more comfortable in the direction that they want to go in.

People are able to feel the difference in their energy when having positive or negative thoughts. Using EFT and LOA combined helps to increase the positive intentions and to remove blocks more effectively and rapidly than using either LOA or EFT alone.

Take care,

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Law of Attraction and Intention

Here is a story about LoA in action from earlier today.

I have been working with a client to get her into residential tx. The program that I was referring her to was not on her insurance panel. She asked me to step in as an advocate and speak with the insurance agency. If you have ever dealt with insurance companies, you would know that they do not like to spend money. Asking them to pay in-network benefits to an out of network agency was highly unlikely.

Before I called, I set a positive intention that I was going to make it work for this client. I spoke to the ins rep for quite some time and she needed to review it with their physician. She warned me ahead of time that the answer most likely would be "no way."

She called back 15 minutes later saying they would not make the exception. I called the client and we looked at options.

Here is where LoA comes in. Four hours later I get a call from the ins. rep. Apparently this residential program will be in-network with the ins company next month. Therefore, they are going to make an exception with my client. Well, I did a happy dance listening to that voicemail. I called my client to tell her the good news and she is now making the arrangements to go to the program that she originally felt was best suited for her needs.

Take care.