Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Power of EFT and LoA Combined

Being part of a mastermind group is similar to being in a therapy group. Part of what happens is that you might think that you were the only one. All of a sudden someone else is talking about something and you can relate so deeply to what is being said. As a result a connection is developed between you and that other person that was not there before. In addition, what you had experienced becomes validated.

I have been using EFT with reframes for quite some time. During the past several months I have begun to bring LOA into the picture. As a result the way that I use reframes has changed. Combining EFT with LOA has helped to strengthen the mind, body and soul connection. Since I specialize with individuals that have addictions, being able to have increased emotional awareness is crucial to progress and sobriety. With this combination I am able to easily increase their emotional awareness, focus on positive reframes and to become more comfortable in the direction that they want to go in.

People are able to feel the difference in their energy when having positive or negative thoughts. Using EFT and LOA combined helps to increase the positive intentions and to remove blocks more effectively and rapidly than using either LOA or EFT alone.

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