Saturday, January 17, 2009

Invitation to Gary Craig for TapFest 2009

Dear Gary,

As you say, we are on the ground floor of the healing high rise. The Emotional Freedom Technique is traditionally used to release the negative emotions in order to create positive change. As EFT has taken hold in the global community, people have experimented and found unique ways to apply EFT. The focus on positive change serves a purpose for all of us.

I think it would be beneficial for the EFT global community to know about the EFT TapFest 2009. It was inspired by a group of like minded individuals that wanted to acknowledge the presidential change and celebrate the inauguration.
At each time zone throughout the global community, there will be “tapping” events where you can participate in the celebration of change. EFT Tappers all over the world will simultaneously tap at noon in their respective time zones in what is surely to be the world's biggest borrowing benefits session! Some events are local and others are global. Envision the worldwide TapFest 2009 as a chain reaction, sending a wave of positive energy for change throughout the world. For more information about the events that are being hosted visit

Imagine how powerful it will be with thousands of practitioners and EFT users from around the world participating. I have been asked to co-host this event with Eleanore Duyndam, Host of EFT Class online at from 12-1:30pm PST.

The "Rampage of Appreciation" PARTY! invites you to join us for a massive group tapping that is occurring all over the world we celebrate everything that is GOOD about life on planet earth and express our appreciation for our lives...and by focusing on what makes us happy, we add to it and thereby INCREASE our good! This is a special day to usher in a new era of joy, hope, peace and health with the empowering energy of Emotional Freedom Techniques.

We are extending an opportunity for other EFT Practitioners to participate in this call and lead a round of tapping for blessings. If you are interested contact me at

Gary, thank you for being the mastermind behind EFT and creating the opportunity of abundance and appreciation. It has been life changing for me to be part of the EFT community.

Take care,
Loren Fogelman

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